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It is common practice to deworm kittens however as the little “fur ball” grows our thinking changes. We tend to think that if we don’t see any signs of worms, the cat is fine. The problem is that worm eggs are passed in feces and can survive in areas where cats roam and areas where cats are kept. In addition, Roundworm larvae are capable of migrating in human tissue, which can lead to organ or eye problems.

Adult cats don’t tend to be sick when they have worms which is probably why we think the cat has no problems with worms. This thinking is further compounded when the cat is an indoor cat – they don’t go outside so, they can’t pick-up worms!

Cats should be dewormed on a regular bases to keep the animal free of intestinal parasites. Adult cats should have at least one annual fecal examination and if positive, treatment. By keeping pets free of roundworms and hookworms, the parasite load on the environment is reduced and both you and your pet remain healthy.